Project type and industry work hand in hand to determine the success of a project. Every project is different and must be treated as such. We have extensive experience in the following industries.


Accurate and Confidential

Our team is proficient in legal terminology and well versed in legal proceedings. Experienced in legal matters concerning immigration, family, civil and criminal law, we understand the delicacy of our legal projects and approach each one with an unmatched attention to detail.

Project Expertise:

  • Depositions
  • Public hearings
  • Warranted telephonic interceptions
  • Administrative hearings
  • Meeting minutes
  • Conferences
  • Memorandums
  • Court hearings
  • Judicial hearings
  • Interrogations

Accurate and Efficient

Timeliness is key. Our government-contracted projects are quickly processed, managed and delivered with the utmost quality and efficiency.

Project Expertise:

  • We are registered with under Certified Translation Services US, LLC Duns#079603210 and Cage#789V8

Accurate and Authentic

We translate more than words. We partner with our clients to deliver a complete product that not only technically reflects a source but that mirrors that source in creativity and authenticity.

Project Expertise:

  • Subtitling for television programs, radio programs, films, plays, creative writing, etc.

Accurate and Attentive

We treat our smaller projects with the same amount of care and detail that we provide to larger projects.

Project Expertise:

  • Purchase contracts, rental agreements, documents for submission to USCIS. Interpreters for conferences and presentations. And much more.
Healthcare/Biotech or Biomed/Pharmaceutical

Accurate and Discreet

We offer both clinician-friendly and patient-friendly style services.

Project Expertise:
A client-specific earnest effort is taken to ensure culturally sensitive issues are respected within the required boundaries. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Awareness of pharmaceutical Alcohol-based medication prohibition in Saudi Arabia.
  • Awareness of behavioral health-sensitive issues such as suicide in Japan.
  • Plus any other modifications in order to meet our broad client needs.

Accurate and Adaptive

We are experienced with translating training manuals for factories in other countries taking into account the reading comprehension level of the audience.

Project Expertise:

  • Modification of the register in accordance to the required reading level.
    • EXAMPLE: While most North American factory workers tend to have a minimum of a 12thgrade education, many factory workers in Mexico may only have a 6th grade education. This in turn requires adaptation to create a bridge between the communicator and the reader.
  • Local vernacular application: Taking into account that local spoken and written words may differ greatly from the terms found in the dictionary.
    • Colloquialism Example: While the proper translation for washer in Spanish is arandela, workers in Cd. Juárez may know and recognize a washer as “guasha.”

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